2. That's right. I'm pretty small compared to Australia, but that doesn't matter. You should think of me as a precious diamond... hidden in the Pacific Ocean...

3. Like many other islands out there, I'm surrounded by crystal blue waters and sandy beaches that you don't forget!

4. And cool nature & weather are almost every day - it's like a paradise, but not only for landscape photographers

5. Breathtaking mountains, stunning lakes, amazing rainforests and much more! Every piece of nature is so spectalular and completely different than Europe...

6. New Zealand isn't Ireland, Switzerland or any of those countries you heard of. I'm far away from Europe, but you should still got it going on.

7. Are you brave enough to camp at Purakaunui Bay with sea lions?

8. This kind of view is really hard to left behind ...

9. It's still a pretty fucking cool country to live and/or visit

10. And you deserve to know that. You should know that New Zealand is real country, not only in fantasy movies.

11. Yaay, it's real. It's really exists.

12. Just look at this hot pools in Hanmer Springs. Fantastic attraction for all ages

13. You can definitely go there!

14. And some more places to explore...

 I can show you many other places to see, but that's it for now. If you'd like to find some more NZ photos - please visit my special category

Return to your life please.

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